Government and Politics is a subject taught exclusively at A level. Prospective students need to have an interest in current affairs and willingness to develop as independent learners in order to fully participate in debate and discussion, and to develop an in depth knowledge and understanding of political culture, developments and  institutions in a British, American and broader global context. As an A level  subject Politics perfectly complements History, Economics, Geography, Philosophy and Psychology and good GCSE performance in History, RE and English is regarded as an important indicator of suitability.


Staff Names and Roles:

Mr T. Amann – Subject leader of Politics and teacher of History.

Useful Websites to support your son’s learning

While the BBC provides good political coverage, major online newspapers and journals such as The Guardian, Times, Telegraph, The Economist, New Statesman and The Spectator are recommended for more in depth coverage of the UK. For the USA Real Clear Politics is an outstanding site linking to all major articles and a range of wider resources relating to American politics.

Opportunities outside of lessons

Politics is ideally suited to learning beyond the classroom. As well as guest expert speakers from MPs and MEPs to Whitehall special advisors, including some joint events with other foundation schools; all students have the opportunity to attend high quality revision conferences in London and events at Parliament and will have the opportunity to visit Washington DC to broaden their experience and deepen their understanding of the American political scene. This last has been exceptionally rewarding over recent years including specially arranged group events at the State Department, the British Embassy and opportunities to attend Congressional Committee and Supreme Court hearings as well as to visit all the key sites of American government and soak up plenty of local culture.

Course information


A Level Year 12 & 13

Topics covered in A Level Politics 

Students will follow the AQA Government and Politics syllabus. In Year 12 this includes coverage of participation and voting behaviour, electoral systems, political parties and pressure groups for the GOVP1 paper and the British constitution and judiciary, Parliament, the Core Executive and multi-level governance –including local government and the EU, for the second GOVP2 paper.

In year 13 students will cover voting behaviour, the electoral system, political parties and pressure groups on the American Politics GOVP3 paper and the US Constitution, Congress, the Executive branch and the role of the Supreme Court in the American Government GOVP4 paper.

How will your son be assessed at A level?   

 Students will take four externally assessed papers, two at the end of each year. There is no coursework element in Government and Politics. As with all other subjects, student progress will be tracked by means of four formal common assessment tasks per year together with further preparation tasks, all based around the framework and demands of external assessment.

How could you support your son to learn during year 12&13?

Politics is a very contemporary and engaging subject which has great appeal for students at this stage in their school development. While it is essential that students develop as independent learners and take ownership of their own learning as far as possible, it would be very helpful –and hopefully mutually rewarding (!) to discuss with your son the work he is undertaking and to encourage him to take a fully developed interest in current affairs. We  have a weekly political affairs quiz based on the major events of the week in British, American and global politics so engagement and familiarity needs to be built up through regular reading a range of relevant quality newspapers, online articles and following  appropriate news media. Encouraging, discussing and sharing in the acquisition of this widely available knowledge would be immensely valuable to your son’s experience and progress in learning and, going by feedback from parents of past students, potentially very rewarding for parents too.

  • A Level Year 12 & 13