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Bletchley Park Yr9/10 17th March 2020

Trip overview

The Computer Science department is taking Year 9 and Year 10 pupils to visit The Bletchley Park on Tuesday, March 17th, 2020. During this visit our pupils will be taking part in a specially organised guided trip in which they will be able to observe and visit Computing exhibits and galleries including The life and work of Alan Turing, Hitler’s unbreakable Cipher Machine, The largest and most comprehensive display of Enigma machines and the Japanese challenges. Students will also attend a workshop on codes and Ciphers. It is intended that the visit will enhance their understanding and flourish their interest in physical and logical aspects code breaking techniques used during WW2

Lead member of staff

Mrs K Lally

Key information

The Coach will leave the school at 8.15 am promptly and return at 4.15 pm approximately. If there is a delay on the motorway, students will be instructed to text/phone parents for collection. The cost of the visit will be £26 which should by paid via Parent pay. Your son should bring a packed lunch and a drink. He should not bring expensive items such as games consoles, MP3 players or large amounts of money. We suggest that he brings no more than £10. Whatever he brings he will need to carry around all day, so you should advise him to pack the minimum in a backpack and wear sensible clothing. During the activity it will be possible to contact myself on the following telephone number 07512795040. This is a school mobile telephone number and must only be used in emergencies



Wednesday 12th February, 2020.


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