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History Lecture Day Yr 13 10th March - Carrs Lane Centre Birmingham B4 7SX

I am writing with regards to a fantastic opportunity for your son to participate in. There is a student lecture day on Tuesday 10th March on ‘The Struggle for Equality: Civil Rights in the USA’. This study day will focus on the content for the coursework component of A Level History, highlighting continuity and change, and cause and consequence. Focusing particularly on aspects of African-American history, leading historians will explore the importance of individuals and analyse major factors in the development of race-relations in the USA, a fascinating and important period of history.



Lead member of staff

Mrs R Moy

Key information

The trip is being led by the History Department; I will be accompanying the visit. Students will make their own way into Birmingham and meet me at 10am outside the venue: Carrs Lane Centre (Carrs Lane, Birmingham, B4 7SX). There will be a break for lunch at which point students may purchase their own lunch in Birmingham city centre, or remain with me and have a packed lunch at the Carrs Lane Centre. The final lecture will finish at 3:30pm, at which point students will make their own way home. 

Cost: the total cost of this lecture day is £31. Payments should be made via ParentPay



6th February 2020 


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