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This is an outstanding and extremely rare opportunity for your son to attend a conference hosting Professor Zimbardo who designed and conducted the very famous Stanford Prison experiment in 1973. Professor Zimbardo is now into his mid 80s and I highly doubt he’ll be touring like this much longer so students should not miss out!!


Lead member of staff

Miss S Carter

Key information

The conference takes place in London at the Emmanual Centre, Marsham Street SW1P 3DW. The day will consist of an early train journey to London (times to be confirmed but probably leaving Birmingham at around 7:30 am). We will then travel to the centre by underground and spend the day there. We will return to Birmingham by train hopefully arriving back no later than about 7pm (times to be confirmed).


Your son can bring money to buy lunch and snacks and must either have a contactless card or money to buy an underground ticket when we arrive. He does not have to wear uniform. He should bring a mobile phone with him.

I will send out more specific detail regarding times of trains etc once they have been booked.

The cost of the trip is £60. I realise that this is high but it is because we are travelling to London by train at peak time.


There are only 8 tickets so if more than 8 students apply and pay I will conduct a lottery selection technique and the students who miss out will be refunded


Friday 14th February.


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