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Reporting and targets


Report Cards will be issued to parents at regular points throughout the academic year. For each cohort, the timing of the report will vary in order to provide the information at the most useful time and in order to spread the workload for staff.  A plan of the reporting sequence will be issued in the annual school calendar. The annual reporting structure is summarised below: 

Year group 

Number of report cards 





  • For year groups 7 – 9 the student’s predicted grade will be shown on report card. 

  • For year groups 10 – 13, the student’s current grade will be shown on report cards (the grade they are currently working at in their current unit of study). 

Student attitude to learning will be assessed as follows: 

  • E  – Goes beyond expectations in lessons and in wider learning. Focused in class and consistently contributes. 
  • G  – Completes all work set. Meets the requirements of class participation. 
  • I  – Often lacks focus in his efforts. 
  • U  – A poor attitude to learning. Lack of appropriate contribution in lessons. 

In Years 7 – 11 predicted attainment and current attainment will be reported to parents as a 9 – 1 grade. 

In Year 12 attainment will be reported to parents as A* – E for all subjects. 

In Year 13 attainment will be reported to parents as A* – E for all subjects.


Students are not set individual targets as they should all be aspiring to achieve a minimum of a grade 7 at GCSE and a B grade at A Level. The language used with the students is centred around what they need to do as an individual to progress to the next grade.