Building Learning Power

At Aston, we are keen to develop the students fully as learners to help them to succeed during their time at Aston and beyond to University and future careers.  This is especially important in a climate of rapid change and development.  Building Learning Power (BLP) is an approach which seeks to create a culture of learning inside and outside of the classroom which enables students to develop habits which support them to learn more effectively and also develop a mindset by which to approach challenges and uncertainty within learning.  It is drawn from the work of Professor Guy Claxton and more information about his work can be found at

The BLP approach underpins much of our classroom activity; it provides a common language for students, teachers and parents to discuss learning and gives opportunities for students to reflect on what and how they are learning.    We believe this approach to be fundamental in preparing students for life at University and in future careers and the maturity and self discipline of the majority of our students in key stage 4 and 5 is a testimony to the emphasis we give to this aspect of learning.

A visual designed by our students and showcasing the  language we use to discuss learning can be found here – Building Learning Power at Aston.

A more detailed definition of the learning habits can be found here – BUILDING LEARNING POWER LANGUAGE