An Introduction to KEA School Radio

KEA school radio provides a fantastic opportunity on Monday lunchtimes, between 1.05pm – 1.50pm, for students to indulge their passions, whether it’s from a sport or political perspective.

Radio Club is open to students from 8th year upwards. You are welcome to drop by and get a taste of what goes into making a radio programme.
When first speaking into the mic, the whole experience seems daunting; however anyone can quickly find their feet and become part of the team.

It gives you an opportunity to explore the practical and theoretical side of radio. Apart from gaining experience in recording and editing audio, you will also be able to make your own jingle or produce a short documentary on a subject of your choice.Anyone who wants to join the crew can be assured that you are taking the first steps into an exciting world that could open the door to endless opportunities.

If you’re looking to be the next Greg James or simply want to find out more about the creative industry, the radio club offers you that chance.

Mr Szweda