Sixth Form Enrichment Course

To give students access to a wide range of courses and opportunities to develop an area of interest, pursue a new skill or progress their personal development.

Enrichment Courses

Short courses which last for 10 weeks, allowing students to take three different courses per year. In the past they have included: Cooking, DJ-ing, Stencil t-shirt printing, Roman History and Culture, Drama & Stagecraft, Russian, Relaxation and Stress Management, The History of KE Aston, The Universe and Everything, Lacrosse and Modernist Sculpture. We hope to expand our range to include photography, other languages, creative writing and academic skills.


The Extended Project Qualification is an additional qualification worth half an A-Level (up to 70 UCAS points). It is available to year 13 students in place of the enrichment programme. It is a unique opportunity for students to choose what they study and develop a project on a key question they have created. Or, they can create an artefact/object based on their research; in the past we have had students perform poetry, music lectures and create architectural designs. Students hone their planning, research, writing and organisation skills to a vast degree, making this an attractive qualification for potential Universities.


We value the role year 12 play in becoming peer-mentors to students in Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4. Students are invited to apply for this position and the majority of the year group will be paired up as one-to-one or form mentors for the majority of the year. We are proud of the way they use their experience and empathy to help younger students make academic progress or overcome personal/behaviour issues.

Contact: Mrs Searles, Assistant Head of Sixth Form, for further information.