Physical Education Dept

The importance of regular physical education and sporting opportunity is recognised at King Edward VI Aston. The PE & Games curriculum provides opportunity for all pupils to develop mentally, physically and socially. Students grow in confidence, acquire leadership skills and learn lifelong healthy lifestyles and habits. The PE department aims to provide opportunity for all students, of all abilities, to represent the school in a variety of sports.

Inter school matches regularly take place during Games afternoons, after school and on Saturday mornings. The PE Department offers school teams in the following activities – Rugby, Hockey, Football, Basketball, Badminton, Tennis, Athletics and Cricket .

Every 3 years an International rugby tour (2 weeks) is organised for Year 11-13 players – Recent countries visited include Canada ( 2014 ,2011 & 2017) South Africa (2003 & 2009) and Australia (2006). The next international rugby tour planned for Oct 2020. A Football tour for Year 10 is organised for May 2018 to Madrid and a Hockey Tour to Rotterdam is being planned for senior  hockey players in the  2018-19 season.

There is a substantial and regular extra curricular programme of sports clubs offered for all ages and abilities at lunch times and after school. Boys are encouraged to attend as many and as often as possible.