Student Council

The purpose of the Student Council is to relay the concerns and issues that students face to school and bridge the gap between students and faculty. For the last year or so, the Student Council at King Edward’s VI Aston has matured and flourished greatly.

To begin with, the Student Council election is the first challenge that we, as councillors, face.  In my case, not only the form election in which I was voted representative, but the whole school election which determined the Chair and Deputy of the Student Council.  The Council rests on the shoulders of the senior team: Chair, Deputy Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and PR officers. These, along with 27 other students (a representative voted in from each form in the school), form the Student Council. All these students, supported by the Student Council Co-ordinator, run the council and work hard to resolve and communicate the issues that students have.

This year the Student Council made a loud entrance by hosting the first ever Student Council Conference, where all schools of the King Edward VI Foundation were invited. We managed to teach and learn from each other in this event and it was decided that a conference would now be held every year, at a different school each time.

Every fortnight or so, there is a whole Council meeting which is then supplemented by regular Year Council meetings. This year we arranged a non-uniform day for Toilet Twinning, as well as ordering a new outdoor table-football table for later this year. Other issues like: faster Wi-Fi and the school stationery shop are also underway.

Another responsibility of the Council is to aid the governors in the staff interview panel. A small group of councillors are chosen to interview the candidates, unsupervised by staff, assessing them from the students’ perspective. Feedback is taken on board and is greatly appreciated by the Head Teacher and governors. Earlier this year we interviewed three teachers for French and German.

To us the importance of teamwork between students and the Council is second to none. Our top priority is to assure that the Council is operating in a way which the students think is effective and efficient. Our standards are high and expectations even higher. We dream big and aim to achieve better.  For this we require the help of students to assist us by suggesting improvements and ideas that we can bring to life. Students can communicate their thoughts with their class representative, email any of the senior team or even post onto the Moodle page. After each meeting, minutes are emailed to the whole school, giving a record of the activities and discussions in the meeting.

What you think matters, and there is nothing more important to us than listening to what you have to say. Support us, so that we can support you. Let’s share ideas, bring change together and show the world the power of teamwork.

Muhammad Yahya Saif, Chair of KEASTON Student Council 2017-2018