Confirmation emails are sent through ‘Track’ to applicants who have met their offers on August 18.

A Level Results are published  on August 18  09. 00 am in the school hall.

Sometimes places will be confirmed if results are slightly below required grades. Candidates who have met the conditions of their firm offer will be placed there. Candidates who do not meet the conditions of their firm offer but do so for their insurance offer will be placed there. *** Applicants are expected to honour their firm or insurance places if they meet the grades ***

Some applicants who do not meet their offer will be offered places on alternative courses at the same institution – if this happens you have 5 days to respond to this offer.

Applicants who exceed the grades required for their firm offer are eligible for ADJUSTMENT –

This is optional and rarely used:.

  • The adjustment process runs from August 18 to August 31.
  • Applicants retain the place at their Firm choice if they do not find a suitable place through Adjustment in the allotted time.
  • It is the applicant’s responsibility to contact a university to discuss an Adjustment place.
  • A place must be offered to them within 5 days from the time they receive their Firm offer.
  • Applicants cannot ‘adjust’ their insurance choice.

Please note: It is very unlikely that the most competitive courses will have places available for students to access through Adjustment.

  • There are no Adjustment vacancy lists.
  • Candidates must contact institutions directly.
  • Applicants register for Adjustment in ‘Track.’

If applicants are eligible for Clearing an ‘Add Clearing choice’ button will appear on their ‘Track’ account. This will give them a Clearing number. Applicants can contact several institutions on the Clearing list to informally discuss vacancies. Applicants can only apply to ONE course in Clearing at a time through ‘Track.’ Applicants should only enter Institution and Course details on ‘Track’ when they have provisionally been offered a place and have decided to accept it.

Clearing places will be confirmed on ‘Track.’ If places are not offered or declined then students can start the Clearing process again with another institution. UCAS will send a letter to all UCAS entries in July to explain Clearing. Official lists of courses available will be published on Results Day on August 18th on the UCAS website and in The Daily Telegraph.

  • ‘Track’ is the best way to keep up with the status of your application
  • UCAS helpline 0871 468 0468 — it is always very busy!
  • Always have your personal  UCAS ID with you
  • All guides  ie  ‘How to use Clearing’ and ‘Next Steps After Results’ are available on the UCAS website  — Keep up to date  —  know what to do if things don’t go as planned!
  • Students need to be available when results are published and places confirmed in order to deal with issues and concerns and contact universities directly.
  • It is always worth contacting universities directly  — have telephone numbers and email addresses at hand on results day. Be proactive – and prepare to be patient!
  • On August 18th students must be constantly checking their status on ‘Track’ —  it is a very fluid and constantly changing situation.  Confirmation letters may take a few days to arrive, but information will appear on ‘Track’ first.
  • There will be considerable pressure on Clearing  —  act promptly and be decisive!
  • School staff will be able to advise on August 18th —  but UCAS will only deal with each individual student directly. You can contact PT via his school email for advice, this is :
  • If you are not placed at a university and wish to apply in the next cycle you should contact PT at school in September

Good Luck

P Tuck