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Sixth form BYOD scheme

Rationale and the context

 We run the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) scheme for our all Sixth Form students. The scheme was first introduced with Year 12 cohort in September 2022. The aim of this scheme is to enhance and support the learning of our pupils and their achievements. We strongly believe that devices will enhance the excellent teaching and learning that is already happening in our classrooms, rather than replacing it. Alongside more “traditional” methods of learning, through this initiative, we will provide access to the most appropriate method for each learning activity using technology.

There were a significant number of Sixth Form students who were successfully modelling this approach to their learning even prior to the introduction of the BYOD scheme and we wish to replicate their successes across all our students in year 12 and 13.  Therefore, all Sixth Form students are expected to use a stylus enabled device in their lessons to support their learning. Stylus enabled devices allow users to continue with the skills of handwritten work while also benefitting from the abilities of the technology to support with organisation and integration of their work. 

Based on the technology used in/outside classroom at King Edward VI Aston, we recommend our students to either get an iPad (with an Apple pencil) or Windows Laptop (touch screen with pen).  Students will be able to choose the device that suits their needs the best. An iPad is suitable for all students apart from those who are studying A Level Computer Science, A Level Music or Cambridge Technical Award level 3. 

Minimum specification for devices 


Specification and features 

Apple 10.2” iPad with Apple pencil 

iPad OS15, 64GB, 10.2”, touch screen, wi-fi, Bluetooth, Apple pencil (first generation), 10hrs battery life 

High-end manufacturer such as HP or Lenovo 13.3" Windows device with touch and 'active pen' support

AMD or Intel 4 -6 core processor, RAM – 8GB, 256 GB SSD, 13.3”, full HD touch screen, Wi-Fi ac/ax, Bluetooth, 8 - 10hrs battery life

Please see the link below for more detailed specification. Older devices that are below our recommended specifications will not be suitable, as they often become slow, have poor battery capacity and cannot upgrade to the latest software.

Funding and buying options

Students and parents will have a range of finance options available:

  • Supply their own device purchased through their own supplier (Currys, Amazon, Apple etc)
  • Use their 16-19 bursary to fund the purchase of a device.
  • Use their Albion Trust funding to fund the purchase of a device.

We understand that finances are difficult for many families, more so than ever with the current economic situation, however we hope that informing you of this requirement well in advance and the option for the eligible students will alleviate some of the pressure and make the scheme accessible. If this is not the case please email Mrs Leah ( explaining the situation. She will get back to you requesting further details if needed and the next steps. 

Please see the documents below for any further detail and complete the following form to help us with our planning for September, there is also an opportunity to ask any questions. Click here to access the form