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7F - Floyd

My name is Mrs Cresswell and it is my very great pleasure to welcome you to King Edward VI Aston School and to Floyd House. You will be a member of Floyd for the duration of your time at Aston, and you will represent your house in many competitions against students in the other four houses – Brandon, Manton, Temperley and Hawley. Floyd House was named after the second headmaster of King Edward VI Aston School, Ernest W. Floyd - 1894-1912. You can see his portrait in the school library.

Moving from primary school to secondary school (and especially to a grammar school like this one,) is a big step and can be quite daunting at first. I will be there to help you through the changes that you will be facing and to support you through any concerns and challenges that you experience. You will see me every morning in registration. I will be checking your homework planners every week to make sure you are organised, well-behaved and staying on top of your work. You will get more homework in Year 7 than you have in Year 6. My advice is to do your homework on the night it is set to avoid any last-minute panic.

If you are well-behaved and do your best, you will gain achievement points. These are regularly awarded by staff for excellent work and effort throughout the year, and students who do well are given rewards. If you are not well-behaved and you do not work to the best of your ability, you will be given behaviour points, which will reduce the chance of you being given a reward. You may also be put in detention, and I might ring your parents to inform them that you have broken the school rules. The best way to enjoy your time at Aston is to always do your best – no one can ask more of you than that!

There are lots of extra-curricular activities at Aston that you can get involved in – from Wrestling Club to Photography, from Film Clubs to Sports. I will be strongly encouraging you to get involved in some of these activities as they will help you to enjoy your time at Aston even more. They will also help you to meet new friends that have similar interests to you. You might even find a new hobby!

I do hope you are excited about coming to King Edward VI Aston School. It is normal to be a little bit nervous, but please remember that there are lots of people around to help.

I look forward to meeting you! If you have any further questions, please do contact me via email.

Mrs C Cresswell