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7M - Manton

Dear 7M student,

Welcome to King Edward VI Aston Grammar School, and welcome to Manton! Manton is named after one of our previous headmasters, Joseph Manton, who was headmaster from 1913 to 1936 (important years, as these were the years when the first world war happened). Manton’s symbol is a portcullis and its colour is gold – for victory, because we are winners! As Mantonians you will take part in various academic and sporting competitions and represent your house for the whole duration of your time at school.

My name is Mr Wilcock, and I am an old Edwardian and an old Mantonian, so I want nothing less than the best from a Year 7 Manton form!

Moving from Year 6 in primary to Year 7 in secondary is a big step, and can be scary, so it's good for you to know that I will be your point of contact in the school – if there is anything you need, anything you are worried about, if you have any questions, or if you want to tell someone about something that went amazingly in your school life, I am the person you can talk to.

You will see me every morning for form period and registration, where we will start the day with any notices or activities that I might have for you. I will check your homework planners and check you are getting on with school to the best of your abilities. Homework is a big part of secondary school life, so it’s important that you keep on top of it, recording it properly and completing it as soon as possible in order to give it in on time.

At King Edward Aston, if you are a great student, by working hard, showing great behaviour, work or homework, and going above and beyond, you can gain Achievement Points, and depending on how many achievement points you get through the year you can earn rewards. If you are not well-behaved, and you do not work to the best of your ability, you will be given behaviour points, which will reduce the chance of you being given a reward. You may also be put in detention, and I might ring your parents to inform them that you have broken the school rules. The best way to enjoy your time at Aston is to always do your best – no one can ask more of you than that!

On top of your form time and lessons, Aston also offers a big range of extra-curricular opportunities, to create well-rounded and interesting students! If you take the chances to get involved in these clubs, you could develop into a talented athlete, musician, artist, photographer or actor. We offer many school sports teams, and the chance to play sport for our house competitions, as well as clubs such as Debating, Film Club, Anime Club, Ultimate Frisbee and many more!

Moving into secondary is a big jump, and grammar school can be even more challenging. But rest assured, you are entering Year 7 in the best house in the school, Manton, with a supportive form tutor who is here to help you settle in and make the most of Year 7.

I look forward to meeting you!

Mr Wilcock