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Art, Fine Art and Photography

King Edward Aston VI Art vision:  

To allow all boys, no matter their artistic strength or interest, to be given the skills and freedom to flourish within a creative setting and grow in confidence during their time here. 

Our art and photography department provides a stimulating, creative but structured basis for all students and all creative capabilities. As well as specific skills related to competence in art, this subject is widely credited with nurturing all-round problem-solving skills, visual analysis, the ability to find creative solutions and make critical judgements, and the capacity to develop a better understanding of the world around us. 

Alongside the practical expertise you’ll develop in your studies at Aston, you’ll also learn transferable skills valued in both higher education and eventually in the world of work:  

• Analytical thinking  

• Creative problem solving  

• Working independently/ collaboratively  

• Developing effective research methods and presentation skills 

• How to communicate effectively 

Autumn Term

Project Overview  

  • Pupils will look at Food as a theme and gain an understanding of core artistic skills within the following areas: 
  •  Tonal shading, colour blending and how to apply certain techniques and processes with success. 
  • Colour understanding, via mark making and layering 
  • Pupils will explore the drawing qualities of Tom Hovey by investigating the artist and his approach to drawing. 
  • Pupils will then go on to learn a range of painting skills using watercolour.  
  •  Pupils will explore collage, constructing templates out of card, layering and creating patterns.  
Spring Term
     Project Overview
 To develop a clear understanding of the significance of a Mandala within the Buddhist religion.
 Pupils will use their imagery and ours to develop patterns.  They will need to be instructed about how colour, repetition and positive and negative space can enhance patterns.

Summer term 

      Project Overview

• Students will learn how to construct a portrait considering proportions, scale and line quality
• Review and improve ability to apply appropriate colour theory to create a realistic portrait study
Students will use clay to explore 3D making and a variety of techniques and processes of clay work to successfully recreate a Sculpture

For further information on the art curriculum and assessments in Year 7, please view the documents below.