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Curriculum Enhancement Programme

Every week two Thursday afternoons, conventional school is replaced with ‘Curriculum Enhancement’; an afternoon of enrichment activities run by specialists.  These opportunities are intended to broaden your child’s experience of the curriculum and introduce them to new skills, knowledge and experiences.  Alternatively, your child can leave school at 1.50pm to continue their learning from home for the afternoon. 

Students will have the opportunity to experience three enrichment activities during the year on a termly rotation basis (Sep/Jan/Apr).  Please see the ‘Course Descriptors’ below for information about each activity offered and discuss these with your child before deciding whether to remain in school or go home by Thursday 8th September.  Places will be allocated on a random basis which you will be able to view on the SIMS Parent app or website. 

More information will follow when your child joins in September, we urge parents to check and respond to their emails to ensure their child has a smooth start.

The following courses are on offer and free of charge:

Course Descriptors 2022-23

(We reserve the right to withdraw/change/modify/add to any of the courses at any stage of the year)

Please note most students will have the opportunity to experience three activities as they will rotate on a termly basis (Sep/Jan/Apr). 

Aston Villa Football (Year 7)

This course seeks to develop Speed, Agility and Quickness (SAQ) and a variety of strategies and tactics.  Students will travel to and from the venue on the school minibus accompanied by a member of staff.

This is an outdoor activity, so students need to come dressed in suitable sportswear appropriate to the time of year.

Building Fitness & Resilience (Year 7)

These sessions will cover a variety of activities such as team building, self-regulation, self-discipline and emotional resilience to promote positive mental health and well-being.  Students will also develop mindfulness techniques to aid concentration and help to combat negative thinking.

Fencing (Year 7)

Fencing is the recreational sport of swordplay that can be enjoyed by people of any age, and offers a multitude of benefits.  Fencing is both a physical and a mental workout, in which fencers learn to hone their strategies against opponents of varying skill levels, and build up physical endurance, agility, and accuracy.  Confidence and sportsmanship are gained through participation in fencing and extend throughout other areas of life.  You can begin fencing as a youth or an adult – for fun, for fitness, or to train to compete. 

The programme will be based on 5 Styles of Fencing:

  • Offensive Techniques (Foil)
  • Defensive Techniques (Sabre)
  • Exercises 
  • Matches 
  • Games 

Magic (Year 7)

An introduction to magic which promises to be a fun and entertaining confidence workshop.  Students will learn a few magic tricks to amaze their friends and family.

Multi-Sports (Year 7)

Students will develop a variety of skills, strategies and tactics in a range of sport disciplines for example Cricket, Basketball, Rounder’s, Football, etc.

This is an outdoor activity, so students need to come dressed in suitable sportswear appropriate to the time of year.