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Welcome to French at Aston! Every pupil in Year 7 this year will be learning French, at least up until Year 9.

In Year 7, we cover lots of important linguistic basics, building the foundation for future learning in Years 8, 9, GCSE & beyond! We cover topics like, Me and My Family, My Free Time and Hobbies, School and Travel.


Learning a language however is not JUST about the linguistic side. It is vitally important to learn about the culture and traditions of French-speaking countries so we make sure that you have the opportunity to engage in some cultural activities such as:

• Watching French films or television programs (in French with English subtitles)

• Cultural projects / lessons at key points in the year (Christmas, New Year, Easter, etc)

• Learning about the geography of French-speaking nations


Formal assessment takes place twice a year, but there will be regular mini assessments in lessons too. Over the year, you will be assessed on 6 key skills:

  • Reading in French
  • Listening in French
  • Writing in French
  • Speaking in French
  • Translation to English and French
  • Vocabulary Learning

You will usually be set vocabulary learning as homework, with a small test the following week to check that you have done your homework properly. Vocabulary is so important in languages – it is the foundation of being able to understand and communicate in any language!

How you can prepare for starting French at Aston:

  1. Learn the numbers from 1-100 if you can! Use these links: French numbers and French numbers 30-100
  2. Learn some basic greetings like hello, how are you, goodbye. Use this link: French greetings. You could also use Duolingo for some practice.