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Welcome to German at Aston!

In Year 7, we cover lots of important linguistic basics, building the foundation for future learning in Years 8, 9, GCSE & beyond! We cover topics like, Me and My Family, My Free Time and Hobbies, School and Travel.


Learning a language however is not JUST about the linguistic side. It is vitally important to learn about the culture and traditions of German-speaking countries so we make sure that you have the opportunity to engage in some cultural activities such as:

• Watching German films or television programs (in German with English subtitles)

• Cultural projects / lessons at key points in the year (Christmas, New Year, Easter, etc)

• Learning about the geography of German-speaking nations


Formal assessment takes place twice a year, but there will be regular mini assessments in lessons too. Over the year, you will be assessed on 6 key skills:

  • Reading in German
  • Listening in German
  • Writing in German
  • Speaking in German
  • Translation to English and German
  • Vocabulary Learning

You will usually be set vocabulary learning as homework, with a small test the following week to check that you have done your homework properly. Vocabulary is so important in languages – it is the foundation of being able to understand and communicate in any language!

How you can prepare for starting German at Aston:

  1. Complete the Year 7 Induction German Challenge task! ☺ You will be very surprised at how much German you can already understand.
  2. Learn the numbers from 1-100 if you can! Use this link: German numbers
  3. Learn some basic greetings like hello, how are you, goodbye. Use this link: German greetings. You could also use Duolingo for some practice.