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In-year admissions

Year 7 (first term)

If a vacancy arises during the first term of year 7, the waiting list in existence from 1 March of that year will be used and the place offered in accordance with the admissions criteria above. This is a list of those who sat the most recent September entrance test and who did not receive an offer from this school or a more preferred school.

Mid-years 7 – 11

At any point from January after the pupil starts year 7, parents may apply for a place at the school. In year vacancies normally only become available if a current pupil is leaving the school. Any applicant who cannot be offered a place will be added to the school’s waiting list and parents will be informed of their right of appeal. If a vacancy arises, candidates on the waiting list will be invited to take a test and the place will be awarded to the highest scoring candidate above a minimum standard