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Welcome to Mandarin at Aston!

In Year 7, you will learn:

  • How to introduce yourself in Mandarin
  • How to greet people
  • Knowledge about Chinese characters
  • Numbers, to give your age and your birthday
  • Family members
  • Hobbies
  • Food and drink


You will have the opportunity to go on a school trip to a Chinese restaurant and learn how to use chopsticks too!


How we teach Mandarin at Aston:

  • Linking characters to pictures, ideas, make up stories etc鼠.
  • Enquiry-based learning 爸 妈 哥 姐 弟 妹.
  • Using songs, rhythms, stories, poems and actions/gestures.
  • Activities designed to maximise opportunities for learning in the classroom.
  • Teaching culture as well as the language.
  • Mandarin is different but not difficult! 


Formal assessment takes place twice a year, but there will be regular mini assessments in lessons too.


How you can prepare for starting Mandarin at Aston:

  • Click here for resources to start learning!
  • Look at the PowerPoint below for more information about China and Mandarin.