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Multi-academy Trust

The school is part of King Edward VI Academy Trust.

1 September 2017 saw the beginning of an exciting chapter in the history of the organisation. The King Edward VI Academy Trust consolidated its own existing six academies and welcomed the renamed King Edward VI Handsworth Grammar School for Boys into the family. Later, in September 2018, Handsworth Wood Girls’ Academy also joined the fold. The Academy Trust provides opportunities for us to share practice and to offer new opportunities to staff and students.

The Trust's vision is to be able to support more schools across the greater Birmingham area. The Trust hopes that the additional comprehensive schools that will join us in the future will have a greater positive impact on the education of more children across the city.

All of the schools will continue to deliver the curriculum and to develop an ethos that demonstrates a commitment to supporting children from all backgrounds to reach their potential. All of the schools will continue to provide a caring environment which will be overseen the current governors, heads and staff.

We begin this journey at a time when the education sector is facing many challenges. Birmingham schools may also be negatively affected by the introduction of a new National Funding Formula which will also bring financial pressures to our door. We remain committed to offering a broad and balanced curriculum, supported by excellent teachers along with an exciting range of extra-curricular clubs and activities.

Schools of King Edward VI Academy Trust