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Our ethos and values

At King Edward VI Aston School, we aim to ensure that all students become aspirant, confident and articulate global citizens. To achieve this, our core values of diligence, kindness, honesty and integrity underpin everything we do as a community together.

Diligence - We expect our students to work hard in everything they do at school. Through continuous commitment to self-improvement, with confidence to work outside their comfort zone, and by matching their effort with their potential, our students aim to be as best as they can. Working hard to achieve at any level is the norm at Aston: staff and students themselves are proud of their positive attitude to learning.

Kindness - People often say that when they come to Aston, they are surprised at how friendly the school is. This is a result of continuous work with the boys to celebrate their achievements at the same time as keeping them firmly grounded in modesty and warmth towards others. At Aston, we ensure that our pupils understand that being humble is as important as being successful.  

Honesty - Staff are honest with the boys about their progress and achievements, and always seek to point out potential areas for development. In return, boys are expected to be honest about their feelings and to share problems when they arise. In this way, a climate of honesty leads to a culture of care where boys feel safe, well and nurtured.

Integrity - All the boys who graduate from the school should leave with a sense of integrity in everything they do. This ensures they have self-confidence to deal with challenges and a sense of equality and justice in the way they interact with others. In this way, they can become the respectful global citizens as we expect them to be.