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Solihull Geography Department Trip Year 13 14th October 2021

 As part of the A-level, your son will be completing a non-examined assessment which is an independent piece of research.

Lead member of staff

 Mrs R Walsh

Key information

In order to prepare for this, we plan to take the students to Solihull to experience a wide range of fieldwork techniques which they may choose to use. Students will be collecting their data in small groups, accompanied by a member of staff. This will involve collecting data in both Brueton Park and Solihull town centre.

Pupils are to arrive at school at the normal time, attending registration as usual. We will be departing school at 09:05, travelling on the school minibus. We are expecting to return to at the end of the day, in plenty of time for the Green Buses. Suits are not required and students must ensure they wear suitable clothing, including appropriate outer-clothing to protect against rain and or sun. We will be outdoors for the duration of the day, so waterproofs are essential. Wellington boots are also essential for your son to collect the necessary data from in and around the river. Your son will need to bring with him a notebook and some writing equipment





8th October 2021.


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