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Support and guidance

The induction programme

After gaining a place at the school, your first day will give you insight into the workings and ethos of the Sixth Form via a series of teacher- and student-led workshops. There is also a day off-timetable where you complete team-building tasks in order to begin forging bonds with others in your form and to make strong friendships.

The pastoral programme 

Everyday you will meet with your form and form tutor. There are either assemblies to attend to commemorate key dates, or house assemblies held in order celebrate the successes of your house or to encourage you to sign up for future events. There is also dedicated form time for you to discuss academic and personal concerns with your form tutor and peers, as well as attendance monitoring. You will also partake in an enriching and thought-provoking PSHE programme whereby for one period a week, you will enter into debates with your classmates around current issues and be given opportunities to lead presentations/discussions around key topics that you feel strongly about.

Academic target setting, monitoring and reporting

Half termly, you and your parent/guardian/carer will receive a progress card with up-to-date gradings from your teachers. You will be given time to review these with your form tutors and discuss ways to progress. 

Careers and higher education guidance

This is available from the moment you begin your Sixth Form tenure with the emphasis being on 'getting involved.' By partaking in a myriad of school and outside opportunities, you will be in an excellent position to craft an outstanding UCAS application. There is a strong guidance system provided by our dedicated UCAS coordinator which then helps assist and pave the way for a successful application to UCAS or onto other HE routes.

The enrichment programme

Every Wednesday afternoon is a games/sports opportunity to either play recreational or competitive sport, or attend enrichment classes. Every other Thursday, school-based meetings for staff and early closure endows Sixth Formers with unique time to pursue volunteering/work experience or sports activities on their own imitative which, again, contributes to an impressive CV/personal statement. There are school-based clubs and house competitions that help students develop immeasurably beyond their academic studies.