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Your first day

FIRST DAY OF TERM – Tuesday 6th  September 2022

Year 7 pupils should report to the Head of Year 7, assembling in the top playground, at 8.40 am, in full school uniform.  They will need a bag, pens, pencil, ruler and Games kit.

The day will be spent familiarising pupils with the school, including a ‘sample' of lessons where books may be handed out, and will end at the normal time of 3.35 p.m.

School buses will be available on this day; parents collecting their sons should wait by the school's main entrance (Upper Thomas Street). 

Here is a map of the school site:


The School Day

8.40am-9.00am Registration, form time & assembly
9.00am-9.50am Period 1
9.50am-10.15am Recess
10.15am-11.10am Period 2
11.10am-12.00pm Period 3
12.00pm-12.55pm Lunch
12.55pm-1.45pm Period 4
1.45pm-1.55pm Recess (mini recess-in classroom)
1.55pm-2.45pm Period 5
2.45pm-3.35pm Period 6

Every other Thursday, timetabled lessons will end for students after period 4 (1.45pm) and then students will have the choice of either going home at 1.55pm or remaining in school to undertake supervised activities as part of the Curriculum Enhancement.  The Green Bus will continue to depart at the usual time at the end of the school day.