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Curriculum Enhancement Programme


Students at Aston have the option of remaining in school or leaving school on week 2 Thursday afternoons.  If you choose to remain in school, pupils need to commit to attending every session.  Failure to attend regularly hinders progress and development and denies other students a chance to participate.

Absence Reporting via the SIMS Parent App

Parents are urged to encourage their child to attend every session to benefit from the programme.  If your child is absent, parents are requested to mark the absence via the SIMS Parent app (Click here to access guide) at the earliest opportunity or by 10am on the day of the activity.  Email requests will not be accepted unless there is an emergency.  If your SIMS Parent app is not working, please email to rectify any issues at the earliest opportunity. 

Dates of workshops 2021 - 2022 

The sessions run throughout the academic year on CE Thursday afternoons from 1.50pm–3.35pm. 

The dates are as follows: 

Autumn Term 2021:

9, 23 September 

4, 21 October

11, 25 November

Spring Term 2022:

6, 20 January 

3, 17 February 

10, 24 March 

Summer Term 2022

7 April

5, 19 May 

9, 23 June


If you have any queries, please email Ms Noreen on

The following is a list of some of the courses we are running, which is subject to review in the summer of 2022: 

  • Building Fitness & Resilience
  • Keyboard Skills
  • Animation
  • Basketball
  • Board Games
  • Community Apprentice
  • Exploring Photography
  • Multi-Sports
  • Wing Tjun
  • Independent Study
  • ICT Independent Study
  • Football
  • Hockey
  • Aston Villa Football
  • Community Apprentice
  • Cookery
  • Learning Support Craft Club

Please refer to the monthly school newsletter for regular feedback and experiences of pupils on the courses listed above.