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Able and Inspired

As a selective school we recognise that all students within the school, for most the core subjects they have studied since primary school, meet the common definition of 'able' (i.e. coming in the top ten per cent of a cohort). At Aston we aim not only to provide a challenging and engaging education for all students, in line with their general identification as 'able', but also to differentiate those who go even further: being not only able but also inspired in particular subjects.

We aim to:

  • Identify able and inspired students using a subject nomination system based on a combination of professional judgement and assessment data, and to provide appropriate provision for these students in the classroom and beyond.
  • Secure high-quality teaching appropriate to the differing needs and aspirations of all students.
  • Foster an enthusiasm for learning with a varied curriculum that will challenge all able students but also inspire some students to go beyond the curriculum.
  • Ensure that each able and inspired student achieves his academic and subject potential and that all achievements, in the classroom and beyond, are valued and celebrated.

In order to implement these aims the school will identify those students who meet at least three of the following four criteria in any subject across all year groups:

  1. Go beyond the curriculum.
  2. Outstanding achievement.
  3. Passionate about the subject.
  4. Outstanding contribution.

The school supports able and inspired students in any field of endeavour and encourages them through our curricular, extra-curricular and enrichment activities by:

  • Having an identified range of strategies and provisions in place for supporting and nurturing those students identified as able and inspired.
  • Developing and maintaining curriculum programmes that support and challenge all students, and where possible provide opportunities for personalised learning, as well as nurturing student inspiration.
  • Developing digital provision and support for all students, as well as dedicated support for able and inspired students.
  • Encourage co-operation and mutual support amongst all our students to create a culture of learning where ability is recognised and allowed to flourish and where inspiration is nurtured by students as well as staff.