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Frequently asked questions

Even though we try to give out all the information you will need, we will have inevitably missed something.

This section will be updated over the upcoming weeks and months with questions that we get asked by fellow students and parents in your year group. While you are welcome to email us with any questions you may have, please can we encourage you to look here first as you may well find the answer that you are after. If you do have any further questions please email

What are the arrangements for food?

A cafeteria service provides breakfast from 8.10am and hot snacks/toast etc. during morning break.  Hot meals, snacks, sandwiches, and vegetarian food are available at lunchtime.  The boys pay by opening a ‘User Account’ at the beginning of the year and parents decide the weekly limit on their son's account.  Boys whose parents are in receipt of Income Support are entitled to free school meals and will have an identical ‘User Account’.  Boys who bring sandwiches must eat them in the Hall.

How can I stop my son from losing key items?

  • Books, clothes, games kit and other property must be clearly marked with the owner's name.
  • Loss of property must be reported to the Form Teacher immediately,
  • Money or valuables should not be left in cloakrooms, changing rooms etc or in coats and blazers not being worn
  • Mobile phones, I-pods etc are brought into school at the student’s own risk.  Please see the school’s policy at policies.  While at school mobile phones and I-pods must be kept on the student’s person at all times and kept switched off and out of sight during lessons.
  • Lockers with keys are available for all students – parents will be asked to sign a user agreement form.

How will the school contact me?

The SIMS Intouch system allows a two way method of communication between school and parents.  This system uses text messages and email to inform parents of important school information, training days, parents’ evenings and other events along with student report cards.

If a student is absent from school, a text message will be sent to the parents of absent students who have given no prior explanation for absence.  The communication is sent before 10am every day by Student Services.

To enable us to communicate to you in this way we do need to have your most updated mobile phone number, email address and home telephone number.

What is school club?

All boys belong to the School Club, which helps to fund the school magazine, the calendar, and school clubs, societies and sports fixtures.  Since all boys benefit from the Club, they are asked to contribute to it annually based on a figure decided upon by a committee of pupils and staff. This year's figure is £25

How can I contact my son's form tutor?

The best way to contact your son’s form tutor will be by email. Please wait until the start of term before emailing your son’s tutor in order to allow them to have a well earned summer break.

7B Mr Northcott AND Mrs Laventine –Lee

7F Mrs Cresswell

7H Mr Smith

7M Mr Cheney

7T Mrs Ologunde 

How can I contact the Green bus company?

There is a link to the green bus company here.

Are there any other pupils who live near me who I can get in touch with?

It is quite likely that there are other students who live near you however due to data protection we are unable to share such information. As the term begins and students and parents begin to establish contact with each other, you may find other families who are local and initiate contact with them yourselves.

Will school be open due to coronavirus?

Please check back to the school website regularly. Any changes to the normal provision will be put on here. Following us on Twitter will also help you to stay up to date @keastonvi 

What form will I be in? 

You will be sent a letter which will tell you which form you will be in. You stay in your form for the whole of KS3 and KS4. When you know which form you will be in, more information can be found here.

How do I know what I need to bring each day? 

Every day, you must bring your planner and your pencil case with you. In your pencil case, you must have two blue or black pens, two pencils, a pencil sharpener, a rubber, a green pen and a ruler. On your first day of school, you will be giving your timetable of lessons. To know what books to bring, you must refer to your timetable to see which lessons you have. Exercise books/textbooks will be given out in in your first lesson for each subject. For more information about what to bring on your first day, please see the information here.  

What is a planner? 

A planner is a sort of diary in which you will record the homework that you are given. It may also be used by your teachers to send messages home and by your parents to share messages with school. You must get your planner signed by your parents at the end of every week. Your form tutor will also sign your planner to help you keep on top of your organisation. You can find more information about your planner in the Induction Booklet.  

What are Achievement Points and Behaviour Points? 

Achievement Points are given for excellent and exceptional work, partaking in school life and outstanding behaviour in lessons and around school. There are rewards for getting to milestones of Achievement Points.  

Behaviour Points are given for breaking the behaviour code within school. There is more information about the behaviour expected here. If you receive a large amount of Behaviour Points you will receive consequences such as detentions. 

For those boys that gain Achievement Points and accrue few Behaviour Points, there are rewards trips and events at the end of some of the terms.  

What extra-curricular activities can I take part in? 

There are a wide range of extra-curricular activities from football, cricket and rugby to chess club and comic club. These mostly run at lunchtime. You will be advised of clubs that are running via email and notices during form time when the school term starts.  

What do I do if my child is ill and can’t attend school? 

Student Services must be contacted on 0121 327 1130. Student Services must be contacted each day that your child is ill. Upon return to school, your child must bring a note explaining their absence, signed by you, to school and give it to Student Services. 

What is alternate Thursday? 

“Alternate Thursday“ is the name given to Thursdays in Week 2. There are no lessons on this afternoon and instead pupils are given the opportunity to partake in extra curricular activities to expand their skills and horizons. Activities include First Aid, Aston Villa football coaching and cooking classes, amongst many others. There is also the possibility to go home early on this day. You will be given the opportunity to sign up to an activity in the new school term.  

Where can I find out the school term dates? 

Please see the information here.  

What are the school rules?


The School Rules, which have been kept to a minimum, are laid down for the good of the individual and for the benefit of the school as a whole.

Failure to show common sense, good discipline and good manners may be regarded as an offence against school rules.



Our aim is to encourage boys to become independent and responsible members of society.  Self discipline is expected and there is a strong emphasis on good manners and respect for the rights of other people and their property.  Antisocial behaviour including bullying and theft will not be tolerated.

The school relies on the good sense and tolerance of all members of the student body to maintain a pleasant, friendly and relaxed atmosphere in which to work.  Boys and staff are expected to act towards each other with respect and good manners at all times.  It is the duty of all members of the school to be vigilant for the well being of each other and should anyone's quality of life be reduced by the insensitive, unkind or intimidating behaviour of another or others immediate steps will be taken to end such behaviour.


1. All boys in years 7 to 11 must wear full school uniform in school, when travelling to and from school, or when representing the school.

2.  Hair must be clean, tidy and its natural colour.  Hair should be neither too long, nor too short; radical styles, stripes and shapes are not allowed.

3. The wearing of ear-rings is strictly forbidden.

4.  Training shoes must not be worn while travelling to and from school. At school they should be worn only for games lessons or on the Longdon Courts where they are compulsory.

5.  Boys who are late twice in one week without genuine excuse are liable to Friday detention.

6.  If late for school, boys must report to the Student Support office to be marked in the register.


1.  All litter must be placed in the bins provided.

2.  Keep left on all stairs. No running or rowdiness in school buildings.

3.  No food or drink to be consumed in the school buildings (apart from the dining hall).

4.  Bags must be carried by the handles and not swung over shoulders.

5.  No bags to be left in the foyer, on the foyer steps or in the corridor by the school office.

6.  Quiet and sensible behaviour is expected during assemblies.

7.  Prior to lessons, boys should queue in an orderly manner outside a classroom. They may then enter only with a teacher's permission.

8.  At the start of lessons boys should stand quietly in place until told to sit down by the teacher.



1.  Boys should not be inside school buildings. at recess or lunchtime unless they are:

(a)  required to report to a teacher,

(b)  attending a meeting or society supervised by a teacher,

(c)  working in the library.

(d)  visiting the toilets,

(f)  in the careers room supervised by a teacher,

(g)  in allocated rooms during very bad weather.

2.  Boys should not leave the school premises during recess or lunchtime.

3.  If a boy leaves the school site at any time during the day he must sign out at the Student Support Office.


All boys in year 7-11 wear school uniform.

Compulsory items:

Blazer - black with school badge

Trousers - plain black or dark grey (not very narrow or wide styles)

Shirt - plain white

Shoes - black polished leather (boots or trainers are not allowed)

School or House tie

Pullover - grey or black single colour V necked or an Aston school sweater in blue or maroon.

Socks - black

Coats or anoraks should be of discreet colours.  Bright multi-coloured anoraks should not be worn.



The sixth form wear a jacket and tie or a suit.

All staff should ensure that high standards of uniform, dress and appearance are maintained.


1.  The consumption or possession of cigarettes, alcohol or drugs in school or when travelling to or from school is strictly forbidden.

2.  Dangerous objects such as knives, matches, fireworks etc. should not be brought to school.

3.  Gambling, trading or selling is forbidden on the school premises.

4.  Valuable personal items should not be brought into school.

5.  No pupil should bring computer discs or software to school without the prior permission of a member of staff.  No pupil should change any program or data stored on a school computer unless authorised by a member of staff.


Any boy who damages or defaces school property - buildings, books or equipment - will be severely punished and required to pay compensation.


Parents will be contacted in all cases of serious concern and exclusion from school is a sanction which may be used at the Headmaster's discretion subject to the national regulations in place at the time.


The school's policies with regard to bullying and children at risk are to be treated as extensions of the above statement.