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Information for parents

Following the government update on COVID-19 and testing, please see the attached flowchart, which gives an easy to follow guideline if you suspect your son has COVID-19. There is one section for those with symptoms, which includes taking a PCR test and another where there are no symptoms and a LFT test gives a positive result. 

Current guidelines include isolating for 5 days and then taking LFT tests on the 5th and 6th day (24 hours apart). If both are negative and your son does not have a temperature, your son may return to school on the 7th day. If either one is positive they must isolate until two consecutive LFT tests give a negative reading up to the 10th day when self-isolation ends. If they are still unwell after the 10th day, please contact the school to inform them of this.

On being tested positive, can you please report results via Alongside test result, please provide proof of LFT/PCR result for school records. This proof could be in the form of a photograph taken of LFT result or notice from the NHS.

If returning to school before the 10-day isolation period, proof of 2 negative LFT tests must be provided.

With face coverings no longer advised in a classroom and, from 27th January, no longer required in communal areas, can we stress the importance of limiting close contact as much as possible when in the school environment. As a school, we have no problems with students who wish to continue to wear a face mask within the school environment.

Many thanks for your cooperation with this. If you have any further questions, please email Mr Sheergill at